Family, Neighbourhood, and Neighbours
Schools and Education
Relations between Sexes
Social and Political Life
6-7 September Incidents

Social Life

Social and Political Life

There were not many rich people among the families living in the neighbourhoods. Or, better, the class differences were not this much visible then. One could not easily tell who were rich.

By 1925, Christian population started to come from various provinces of Anatolia. The Christians and Muslims used to live in different neighbourhoods and go to different schools.

In 1940s, bread was rationed and there were blackouts during the nights. But people did not care much, they used to make do with what they had and still be happy. Conferences were given in the Community Houses (Halkevleri) and the young people were engaged in activities according to their talents.

The Democratic Party and the Freedom Party were founded with the multi-party life. The people used to register in the Motherland Front. After the military coup in 1960, a different period began. Istanbul started to become an industrial city and its socio-economic landscape was changing with migrations from Anatolia.


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