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We can differentiate between migration to and from Istanbul. They certainly not only took away something from Istanbul but also brought something to the city. Emigration from Istanbul started with the departure of the Greeks after the War of Independence, which still continues. Those who left after the 6-7 September Incidents, those who went during and after the Cyprus crisis of 1964… It is known that the number of Greeks in Istanbul in the 2000s was around 2500. The emigration of Greeks was a great loss for the culture of Istanbul.

The migration into Istanbul is almost as old as the city itself. The first great migration during the Ottoman times started with the conquest of Istanbul by Mehmet II. The people brought from various regions of Anatolia were settled in certain neighbourhoods surrounded by the inner walls of the city. In order to increase the population of the city, people from Rumelia and Anatolia, and even Greeks and Armenians, as well as the Arabs and Jews ousted from Spain were settled in the city.

During the Republican period, Istanbul was not a centre of attraction until the 1940s and therefore did not receive much migration. After the 1950s, however, with the influence of rapid industrialization and mass immigration from Anatolia, shantytowns were built and minibuses appeared in Istanbul. The culture of Anatolia was also transferred to Istanbul through migration. In the 2000s, Istanbul has become a mega city with a population exceeding 11 million.


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