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6-7 September Incidents

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6-7 September Incidents

The incidents in Cyprus in 1955 were being closely followed by the Turkish people. In Istanbul, there took place unprecedented incidents largely brought about by provocations of the media and the headlines of “Atatürk’s house in Saloniki was bombed.”

Instigated by the “Association of Cyprus Is Turkish,” the biggest plunder and destruction campaign of the Republican era started during the night of September 6. Starting off in Şişli, the incidents continued in the districts largely populated by Greeks, such as Kumkapı, Samatya, Yedikule, and Beyoğlu and the crowds continued plundering the shops of Greeks, Armenians, and Jews, which later spread to Princes Islands. The incidents continued until the morning of September 7. Since the police did not interfere, thousands of houses, stores, and temples were plundered and destroyed.

To stop the incidents, martial law was declared and thousands were arrested, but almost all of them were released later on. After these incidents, a great majority of Greeks in Istanbul emigrated and their number dropped drastically down to 2,500 in the 2000s, which was around 100 thousand after the population exchange.


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