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Changing Society, Changing Professions
June, 15-16 Incidents

Economic Life

Changing Society, Changing Professions

The effect of the slow flowing of time until the beginning of 20th century, does not reflect much change on society and professions. Major flows of migration from Anatolia and Rumelia and changes after the migration of mostly the non-Muslim from Istanbul have had an effect on the structure of society as well as on professions.

At the dawn of the century, there were professions such as lumbering, coal dealing, snow wells, tailoring, gardening, groceries, panniers making, water carrying, etc, but by the present time, some of these professions have disappeared or have begun to change their form. Groceries have become supermarkets and people have begun to make online orders from big shopping malls, taking advantage of the advances in technology. Apprenticeship and master building heritages that are necessary for learning various crafts have disappeared. 


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