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June, 15-16 Incidents

On June 15-16, 1970, the biggest labor movement in Turkish history was initiated in Istanbul.  In early 1970s, the purpose of the government, which wanted to change the law on trade unions, was to prevent laborers to pass from TURK-IS to DISK. The rejections from the trade unions connected with DISK were followed by Turkish Labor Party’s appealing to the Constitutional Court for the cancellation of the law.

Having started on the morning of June 15th from the Anatolian side, the marching continued all day with participation from the factories along the E-5 highway until the evening. Another marching started from Beykoz and Paşabahçe and continued to Üsküdar. The marching on the morning of June 16th started from Gebze and reached to Kadıköy through Bağdat Street, with participants from Kartal.

On the European side, the march on June 15, 1970 followed the Bakırköy, Topkapi-Sagmalcilar route. On June 16th, branches from outside Topkapi gathered together and reached to Eminönü following Aksaray, Sultanahmet, Cagaloglu route. Drawbridges were opened on The Golden Horn, so laborers could not cross the bridge and march to Beyoğlu. There were small marching branches in Levent and Beyoğlu. About 75,000 laborers from many factories participated in the marching. It was seen that Turk-Is laborers also participated collectively in the marching which started following the reactions of DISK laborers. After the declaration of a state of siege, law amendment following the appeal of CHP and TIP to the Constitutional Court was cancelled.


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