Culture and Arts

Culture is the body of meanings and values of the daily practices of poeple. It is a dynamic lifestyle that changes while being inherited from generation to generation. Culture takes form according to the economical and social conditions in which it exists. Every kind of practice, appreciation and tendency related to words one chooses when speaking, the clothes one wears, the music one listens to or how one uses table wares, decorate her/his house are associated with culture. Art on the other hand, is related to aesthetics and what is nonoperational in life. 

Istanbul has always been the center of cultural and artistic practices. For instance, art exhibitions that started in the beginning of the 19th century in the palace spread out of the palace and art galleries became institutionalized with individual galleries established in schools and public houses. The first gallery was opened in 1947, Beyoğlu.

In the past, Şehzadebaşı hosted for performance arts such as theatre, canto, etc. and in time theatres were moved to Taksim and Harbiye area. Çınaraltı in Beyazıt is a place where once readers, poets and writers met and came in contact with each other.

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