Different Believes and Faiths

Traditions, Customs and Beliefs

Istanbul is very rich in terms of traditions, customs and beliefs which have a very important place in one’s life.

The wealthier a place is in terms of cultural remains, the more multi-colored and wide-ranging the traces of traditions, customs and beliefs one may come across on its streets. Neighbors are offered spice flavored sugary drinks after childbirth, some children are named at azan time and some are baptized in Hagia Yorgi. Ramadan on one hand, Easter and rituals such as Yom Kippur in which different beliefs are celebrated one within the other on the other…Through the history, Istanbul has hosted for different cultures and beliefs. Mosques, churches and synagogues are next to each other on some parts of the city. Ceremonies of birth, death and marriage carry the influences of past traditions and beliefs that have affected one another. Talking about fashion in Istanbul, European fashion directly crosses one’s mind. In all the stories about the past, Istanbul is mentioned to have been the city where the most beautiful and stylish clothes are worn. 

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