Different Believes and Faiths

Traditions, Customs and Beliefs


Mothers used to find brides for their sons. There were only a few people getting married by seeing each other. Mostly, they did meet in friend communions or they were daughters of an acquaintance.

Girls used to be seen by families first then the family was informed about the intention of a visit for a good purpose. When they had come to see the girl, she was asked to get married from the elders of the family, small girl was not allowed to be asked for when the bigger girl was not married. They used to be bond with a promise to wed or engaged. Packs were sent and received by the families then henna night and spousal was made. Spousal was even made earlier then to have the wedding.

In the meanwhile the dowry of the girl used to be prepared. It was sent to the house where she was to live. People used to live together without any complaint.

Old rituals have disappeared in time. Nowadays, couples decide to get married themselves, families approve their decisions.


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