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Houses in Istanbul used as accommodation places used to be made out of wood for many reasons. Only state buildings and great mosques were preferred to be made out of concrete. Great houses used to have annexes mostly including the kitchen and laundry of the house. There were waterfront houses in the Bosphorus, street peddlers used to reach the waterfront houses with boats.

Akaretler had started to be made in Besiktas in the 19th century and they were rented. Nowadays, those houses are restored and turned into offices, stores or restaurants. We may call them the first mass housing projects of Istanbul. Apartments made in the 19th century in Beyoğlu and restored today for various purposes were the first mass life spaces of Istanbul.

While gas lambs were used in illumination and wood stoves for heating since there was no electricity, gas was then preferred for both illumination and heating.

The goods of the houses were simple as to include two couches, a cupboard. While there were not many differences between wealthy and poor houses, fringe had started to enter some wealthy houses in 1950s.

All houses now have refrigerators and television sets thanks technological progress.


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