Culture of Eating and Drinking

Istanbul has become the host of many cultures and nations receiving something from all nations and cultures. Everyone passing through since the Roman age until the Ottoman Empire added their own flavor to the region. Various ethnic groups living in cities, Turks, Armenians, Greeks, the Jews, Levantines, Circassians, Georgians etc enriched the cuisine of Istanbul. The magnificient palace cuisine dating back to centuries ago and the simple cuisine of poor masses unified in time and was passed to the present day, from mothers to their daughters.

Istanbul cuisine is among the significant cuisines of the world and includes delicious food without complex sauces and dressing and with a balanced portion of spice and fresh and high quality products. Sea comes to mind at first when we hear the name of Istanbul, fish, comes to mind when we say sea and red mullet, bluefish and bonito when we say fish… Either lamb or mutton and liver comes to mind when we say meat in Istanbul….

Besides these a very broad range of olive oil food and appetizers also emerged in the city. Of course, we need to mention bread made out of wheat or different cereals. Cream dessert and semolina dessert is meant to be finally followed by a bitter but long-time memorable coffee.

Of course such a complex cuisine should have famous restaurants, namely, the Pandeli, Konyalı, Abdullah...

Source: The Taste of Istanbul by Sula Bozis

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