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Social Life

There is a different story of “social life” in the memory of each Istanbulian. These stories vary according to the neighbourhoods these people live in Istanbul, according to their occupations, where they came from, how they migrated, their social relations, and how they experience Istanbul. In each of these life stories, it is possible to trace the social transformation processes of Turkey in general and of Istanbul in particular: Transition to multi-party life, free market economy and its opening to the rest of the world, the intensifying and accelerating migration from the rural to the urban areas, incidents of collective violence causing mass migration of the minorities, and fast growing urbanisation and large scale urban reconstruction movements etc. Especially after 1950, three main flows of migration that radically changed Istanbul stand out clearly in the life stories of the people: The accelerating migration from Anatolia into Istanbul, the emigration of non-Muslims, who were of major importance in the socio-cultural map of Istanbul, and the great movement of immigration from the Balkans into Turkey, and its effects on Istanbul. The traces of those who left came together with cultural practices of the newcomers and the remnants of the past traditions to create today’s social life in Istanbul.

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